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Ideawheel Trekking Bike Focuses On the Fundamentals to Give Riders a Comfortable Ride


Abstract: In 2017, particularly its newly launched Ideawheel electric bike with dashing outlook and powerful performance has contributed to a substantial increase of Ideawheel fans.

If anyone wants to understand the true essence of travelling and experience a comfortable and convenient ride, Ideawheel triangle frame electric bike is definitely a must-have vehicle for him. From the dimension of externality, electric bike has a very concise contour, abandoning the traditional complex designing and clumsy figure of common electric bikes. The triangular frame is formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminum alloy casting to lock the joint, leading to high performance of crush resistance.

In the handle, there is a trip computer allowing riders to switch freely among the three ride modes, and help riders monitor the real-time data, like the speed, mileage, battery, settings and timely failure alert etc., to make riding much safer. Also, its brushless motor, large wheels and brake discs make electric bike capable of dealing with different road conditions. Due to the high quality of its battery in the design of modularity, the range of Ideawheel electric cross bike is capable of achieving infinite range. Moreover, the three ride modes contribute to the long range, especially in the moped mode and man-powered mode. More importantly, coupled with USB power supply interface, mobile phones and other daily intelligent equipment can be charged during the journey.

For those who travel regularly, in the principle of environmental protection, they might as well get rid of the energy-consuming cars. Instead, they can have an eco-friendly and stylistic Ideawheel electric assist bike for travelling on the roads. Apart from being environmentally friendly, Ideawheel electric bike has another significant feature–intelligent. Specifically developed Ideawheel app that can be connected to electric bike anytime to know the speed, residual power and mileage etc. With the app, riders can check the malfunction to simplify the process of maintenance. In a word, all the detailed designs are meant to provide ultimate user experience.