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Ideawheel Electric Bike Is Highlighted By the 26-Inch Tires


Abstract: What Ideawheel chases all these years is not only the development of new series and new products, but also the improvement and innovation in design and technique, which bring convenience to people's daily lives. Ideawheel hybrid bike, the tough model in R series, is the most powerful one, which absorbs the science and technology from all R-series product.

The design idea is adopting and conquering any terrain. Ideawheel triangle frame electric bike, which was positioned as a personal exclusive SUV bike, provides excellent cross-country riding experience, with the help of its two-wheeled structure and 26-inch jumbo tires, wider and larger than others. With a boarder surface and larger fiction, Electric Bike can easily conquer the rough and rugged terrain, which is your exclusive SUV.

Ideawheel lightweight trekking bike is as outstanding as other models in design and structure, but has more power. Its brushless motor takes the magnetic encoder as the sensor, with precise controllability, invariableness turning speed which helps save power, greatly reducing friction during running to give riders a smooth and low noise ride. It makes possible to ride on rugged terrain or go downing the steps. Its cross-country ability depends on its battery capacity, because riding on rough terrain consumes more electricity. The capacity of Ideawheel Electric Bike is up to 162.8 kWh in replaceable design which can easily be ridded for longer distance. It not only keeps the bike full of battery, but also your smartphone, due to the USB port in the battery.

Ideawheel Electric Bike is equipped with multiple protection systems and its intelligent chip can detect any state and speed of the vehicle and give out according warning to riders so as to ensure their safety. Its trip computer on the handle can not only help the rider switch freely among the three ride modes(man-powered mode, electric mode and moped mode), but also monitor the real-time data, like the speed, mileage, battery, settings and timely failure alert etc., to make riding much safer. Overall, electric assist bike is an updated version, which has stronger functions and suits any kinds of roads.