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Fashionable White-collar with Ideawheel R5 Smart Electric Bike


Abstract: For those working white-collars in city, Ideawheel R5 electric bike effectively solves the biggest headache for them- heavy traffic at rush hour. With the flexible and superior design and the practical functionality of Ideawheel R5 electric assist bike, bicycling is again becoming a prior commuting tool for riders as R5 citizen e-bike makes bicycling a completely different experience for riders.

For those city white-collars, the terrible traffic and heavy streams of people during rush hour in city is a real and ever-lasting headache for them. However, the invention of Ideawheel R5 folding bike has greatly relieved the pressure from rush hours for them because Ideawheel R5 makes bicycling time-saving, relaxing and flexible.



best electric bicycle Ideawheel R5



During city rush hours, people all suffer in crowded and muffled subway and public buses, and taking taxi or driving cars is also difficult in the sluggish moving traffic flow. But seldom people would ever think of riding bikes because traditional bicycling is usually low-speed and laborious. Riders can choose electric-powered model and the riding will be well assisted by electric power and is able to reach the largest speed of 20km/h. Instead of waiting anxiously in heavy traffic flow, many smart white collars join the Ideawheel riding with R5 citizen e-bike.



best electric bicycle Ideawheel R5



Riding with Ideawheel R5 electric folding bike, white collars are able to save a lot of time on road as they can commute very flexibly with Ideawheel R5 electric assist urban bike. Some white collars will take the portable Ideawheel R5 as an assistant commuting tool every day, and they will drive their own cars and put R5 in the car trunk, and they park the cars at some best places and then finish the remaining distance to office by riding with Ideawheel R5 electric moped bike. With the collapsible Ideawheel R5 electric power bicycle, white collars come up with many good strategies for daily commuting.

With Ideawheel R5 city electric bicycle, white collars can better deal with the pressure from traffic congestion and commute more pleasure and ease.