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What Are The New Features Of Ideawheel Racing helemt Compared With Traditional Helmets?


Abstract: Ideawheel has launched smart motorcycle helmet at the beginning of 2017 in a bid to diversify the range of its devices. Differentiated from traditional helmet, Racing helemt is integrated with more intelligent elements, following the trend of artificial intelligence.

Some don't take wearing a helmet seriously enough when they ride kinds of vehicles. They think that only motor riders need to wear helmets. Actually, most of the night ride accidents occur out of two reasons, wearing earphones and not wearing protection equipment. Ideawheel full face helmet has employed ABS material as its shell, which can protect the head when accidents occur. Meanwhile, it delivers the maximized comfortability as well as protection. Though it is designed in full face, Racing helemt has a perfect ventilation system to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.



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Integrated with a camera lens, Racing helemt can record videos and take pictures. The camera lens has a large view of 120°, and can present high resolution shooting performance. It then serves also as a travelling data recorder on the road. After you have captured the wonderful moments, you can share it with others. The built-in Wi-Fi modules enable it to connect to mobile phones and indoor network hot spot so that you can share the wonderful videos to your friends via kinds of social media.



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Inserted with a HD camera, it supports non-net video shooting 24h per day. People can check the videos when they return home over the computer or phone. With the intelligent management chip, its range is prolonged greatly. For people who like listening to music while driving, can Ideawheel Racing helemt meet their demands? Of course. Imagine that you are riding in countryside, and enjoying the beautiful scene and music. How wonderful it is! In addition, some people like to wear earphones to enjoy music during ride but it is very dangerous. Riders cannot hear the external sound to respond quickly to emergencies. Ideawheel smart racing helmet has ruled out the hazard.