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How To Build Body Anytime And Anywhere? The Answer Is Ideawheel R6 Electric Assist Bike


Abstract: Nowadays, many people drive to work and they cannot squeeze any time to work out. Also, Ideawheel foresees that there is a huge potential in the electric vehicle industry. The smart e bikes are highly efficient in daily commuting. To enhance the bodybuilding function, Ideawheel has then rolled out R6 fast electric bike.

Exercising regularly is important to keep healthy. However, many people can't insist on it, for they are busy, tired or just lazy. Here is a way that can combine working out into daily life, which is Ideawheel R6 automatic electric bike allowing you to do exercise anytime and anywhere. It offers three riding modes, which is helpful to expand consumer base and widen application field. More importantly, it stands for a healthy lifestyle and lets people work out at anytime and anywhere.




Ideawheel R6 is a great travel transport. On the one hand, it covers most travels in people's life. On the other hand, it is also an excellent exercise equipment. It lets people work out at anytime and anywhere. It is equipped with an imported lithium-ion battery. However, it doesn't mean that the battery is the only power source, because R6 offers three riding modes. The most effortless one is pure electricity mode. Under this mode, R6 pedal assist bike is completely driven by lithium-ion battery. Power-assisted mode is the second one, with different gears to choose. People will get different assisted power under different gears. Another one is exercising mode. At this moment, riding R6 is a great aerobic exercise. Maybe, some people are curious about why not ride ordinary bike directly. It is totally different from common bikes. Rich riding modes are helpful to broaden consumer base. Take the elderly people for instance. They don't have supple knees and electricity-mode of R6 is quite fitted for them.


Idea wheel R6


Similar to Ideawheel's previous folding electric vehicles, R6 has multiple folding systems-handrails, operating rod and main frame can be folded. The size of R6 electric folding bike after folding is only 750mm×910mm×400mm so it is convenient to park it even it is placed in a corner at home. The shortest answer is riding R6 to experience it personally.