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It Is Easy To Enjoy An Intelligent Ride With Ideawheel C8 Racing helmet


Abstract: In most respects, auto racing helmets are not dissimilar to motorcycle helmets in construction, since they have similar requirements of protecting against extremely high-speed collisions. Providing more possibilities to the users, Ideawheel C8 racing helmet will bring more than a safety journey.

This extremely lightweight helmet performs in gold ratio when it comes to keeping the cyclist protected throughout the ride. C8 is properly worn in the head with the camera in a horizontal state during the ride. Close the helmet mask to effectively prevent the dust, debris into the nose and mouth, so as to ensure a smooth ride.


Smart racing helmet


It can meet your cycling demands, not only for safety, but also for advanced travel functionality. All advantages are wrapped into Ideawheel C8, so it is sure to gain a great currency. The contoured and streamlined exterior is its main draw. C8 smart motorcycle helmet is featured by one key answer phone, 2K video shooting, and APP connection. Designed as an intelligent device, it can enhance and improve the riding experience of cyclists in every travel. With the built-in communication system, Ideawheel C8 is making its way to open up a new market with a cycling Bluetooth headset. It allows cyclists to listen to the music from the smartphones and answer phone calls in the riding. With the hands-free control, the users can focus more on their ride.


Smart racing helmet


The added camera allows the riders capture the beautiful scenery around. Ideawheel C8 creates cycling helmet with camera functionality. Built directly into the helmet, the high definition camera allows the users to record and share the experience in every ride. With the WIFI capability of the helmet, you are also able to review the photos and videos on your smartphone straight from your cycling action camera.

How could Ideawheel C8 racing helmet create an outdoor legend? The above features together make it happen. C8 has lived up to the expectation of Extreme Sports lovers.