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The New Ideawheel R6 Electric Assist Bicycle is an Essential Travel Equipment for People


Abstract: Being consistent with the theme of environmental protection, it is suggested that people should take public transportation rather than drive their own cars so as to reduce emission of exhaust.

In order to echo with the theme of environmental protection, it is advocated that people should drive less and take public transportation instead. As to fashionable people, they would go for another option—riding an Ideawheel R6 fast electric bike, one of the latest models released in 2017. With a long range and strong traffic ability, it is an eco-friendly travel essential for common people.


Idea wheel R6


R6 stands for fashion and popularity. This kind of fashion actually stems from people’s growing awareness of environmental protection. Unlike traditional transports, Ideawheel R6 electric assist bicycle is not powered by fossil fuel, so it will not produce exhaust and pollute the environment. Instead, it is equipped with branded lithium batteries that enable the vehicle to have strong and steady power capacity. Besides, it owns rich riding modes, including man-powered, electricity-powered and power-assisted modes. Riders can choose the most comfortable riding mode in different situations and achieve different purposes. On weekends, riders can ride R6 and enjoy the leisure time.


Idea wheel R6


Also, since it adopts the top-quality tires, it is able to conquer various terrains that it may encounter. Ideawheel R6 is an electric folding bike with the automatic folding system, which is the highlight Of R6, meaning that you get the best of both worlds: electric assistance and the ability to easily fold the frame down to a more compact size for storage and transport. Coupled with sensitive technology, it can know the forth produced by feet automatically and output assist power depending on different situations.

Ideawheel R6 pedal assist bike is such an environmentally friendly and convenient transport that everyone should have one for travelling. Therefore, this kind of transport is well-received by consumers, especially young people. With its help, travelling could be so easy. Ideawheel provides everyone a brand new way of locomotion and entertainment.