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How To Get A Traffic-Free And Pleasant Commuting Experience? Airwheel R6 Smart Electric Bike Is Recommended


Abstract: Airwheel has released its third electric folding bike R6 in R series. But this time, the new type of vehicle is quite different from its previous products. It offers more commuting options and highly elevated the riding experience.

Some people ride to get to work efficiently while some ride for relaxation. The car-level painting tech guarantees strong corrosion resistance and then longer service life. The branded Li-ion battery is replaceable and can charge other electronic devices. The 14-inch tires with special tread patterns can negotiate with different road conditions and improve traffic ability.


Ideawheel R6


The light aluminum alloy allows even female riders to lift the vehicle easily. R6 boasts its automatic folding system, by pushing one button to fold and unfold it. It occupies less space for storage. R6 Ideawheel electric folding bike has a chain system and it allows a bodybuilding mode. Riders pedal to drive the vehicle. During the process, they can get enough exercise. For people who lack time of working out, they can try to ride R6 to work. When they feel fatigue, they can shift into a moped mode which the sensor system will detect riders' movement and then motor will assist riders to ride. In the pure electricity mode, riders don't need to spare any effort. R6 can help riders to either save time or save energy. The multi-operating mode is the tip-top merit of the vehicle.


Ideawheel R6


Riders can achieve a stable experience on even bumpy roads. The customized app helps to clear the potential hazards before travelling. Compared to so many merits, Airwheel R6 smart e-bike is really cost-effective. It is even cheaper than a smart phone. But the efficiency and healthy lifestyle it brings is incomparable and immeasurable. How can people resist such a genius gadget? Exquisite, compact and portable, Airwheel R6 with three ride modes and automatic folding system allows you to enjoy a unique riding experience.