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Ideawheel Z5 Foldable Electric Scooter Makes Designated Driving Business Boom


Abstract: Ideawheel Z5 is a piece of work in intelligent electric scooter sector and it has many outstanding advantages, such as humanized riding mode, unlimited range, strong adaptability and wide applications. Making the designated driving business boom is one of the applications.

Speaking of practical application, Z5 has successfully promotes the fast development of designated driving business. What is designated driving? It is a kind of service offered by designated drivers in the modern times.

Usually, people will take part in a party or business entertaining, and drinking liquor is inescapable. It is well-known that driving a car after drinking liquor is illegal. At this moment, this group of people needs someone to drive them as well as their car home. It enjoys two social meanings. For one thing, it becomes a way of making a living for those people and thus solves employment problem for the society. For another, it fully ensures the safety of those people who drink wine, which also ensures family happiness. Then, Idea wheel Z5 standing up electric scooter becomes the transport of designated drivers. Why?


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First, powered by electricity, riding Z5 foldable electric scooter is helpful to reduce labor intensity for designated drivers. Meanwhile, Z5 has multiple folding systems. It can be folded into small size and put in trunk easily. What is more, it is equipped with replaceable battery unit. As long as designated drivers take enough spare batteries, the range is unlimited. The survey shows that the designated driver who rides Z5 makes more money. Also, Z5 also upgrades its functions-high efficient USB interface for charging daily intelligent devices, like their mobile phones.


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Of course, the safety is guaranteed such with the designs as the intelligent security tail lights system that brings not only the attention, but also safety. Its multi-mode headlight lightens the dark environment. Brake taillight gives warning to the rear vehicles and pedestrians. Riding Z5 fast electric scooter becomes a way of making a living for those designated drivers. Meanwhile, the safety of those people who drink liquors is fully ensured. So, why not enjoy doing it?