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Ideawheel Standing Up Electric Scooter Makes Folks Fall in Love with City Travels


Abstract: Ideawheel has achieved great success in intelligent travel field and its standing up electric scooter is one of typical cases. It makes congested city travels easy and enjoyable. Besides advantage in design, strong technology strength plays a key role. Anyway, is a successful transport to replace walking.


A revolutionary transportation


As more and more private cars and other vehicles run on city roads, daily travels become much more difficult. Congested traffic causes many hidden dangers, such as road accidents, polluted air or low travel efficiency and so on. The best way out must be dispersing traffic pressure. In other words, folks need to change their travel transports and Ideawheel mini electric scooter is one of the excellent choices.


ideawheel Z5 battery


Ideawheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter owns a slender and simple body. Its operating arm is adjustable and thus it is suitable for all people. The magnalium frame reduces item weight to 6.5kg and increases load capacity to 75kg. Based imported and branded lithium-ion battery and high performance hub motor, it has strong and stable driving force. Then, the small and slender figure can take folks and weave in high streets and back lanes. Traffic jam won't stop folks from moving forward any more. People can use it as their daily travel transport and to cover commuting travels on workdays. If people need to take subway, it also can be a transship tool. When people get to station, they can fold it and put in bag or carry by hand. Minimalism folding aesthetics is the highlight of Electric Scooter. Moreover, it not only solves travels in folks' life, but also is helpful to protect air. After all, the gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles discharge a lot of exhausts into air, but has no such a problem at all, for it is powered by electricity.


ideawheel Z5 size


On the one hand, small figure is much easier to be controlled. On the other hand, has several protection systems, including APP fault self-diagnosis system, electronic brake system and dual shock mitigation system. Folks can get safe and comfortable riding.