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Where Is Ideawheel Electric Assist Urban Bike from?


Abstract: Ideawheel smart ebike is in vogue across the globe. To dig into the reason, we find that Ideawheel developed and produced such model for the reason that its purpose is to provide an easier personal transport and the space-saving vehicle.

When it comes to the consideration or the criterion for choice of jobs, the salary is foremost. In effect, the distance between the residence and the workplace is also an all-important factor. A long-distance workplace typically costs much sleeping time, energy and build-up of the commuting fee. If he is offered a job whose workplace is far away from the residence, one is being faced up with a trade-off. He has to brace himself for the prospective post. Alternatively, he behaves bravely to give up on this opportunity. Still, Ideawheel wakes up to the issue in the current society, developing Ideawheel electric assist urban bike soon. With the advent of Ideawheel ebike, the young job-seeker is increasingly out of the woods.


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The original purpose of development of Ideawheel portable electric bike is from an occasional finding. Ideawheel found that many young people were supposed to get up early each day. In fact, length of the commuting distance did not go to such extent that they have to get up so early. But why they have to get up that early is still a mystery to most people.

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After asking those victims, we got told that the unexpected traffic jam usually caused them to be later for work. Even a serious traffic jam will hold up them for over one hour. To beat the unexpected traffic jam, they have to be an early riser. The first intention of Ideawheel is to turn around such issue.


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On the other hand, the space of the room or the office room is very crowded. There is less spare space for the personal transport. Especially for the young people, the room rent is pretty expensive. They do not afford to buy the room with more space. Ideawheel electric assist bike is designed with the ability to double up. When it packs away, it measures merely a compact box, so much so that it can be easily put under the office desk or the table in the living room.