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Ideawheel Electric Assist Bicycle Becomes the Preference to Cover Commute Journey


Abstract: Ideawheel is famous for designing and manufacturing green and high-efficiency travel transports. Ideawheel electric assist bicycle is one of successful works. It has broken through the limitations of traditional bicycles and redefined the bicycling. As more and more people get to know R3, they use it as their commute transport on workdays.

Generally speaking, people in city have to ways of covering commute journey on workdays. One is driving private car, while the other is taking pubic bus. No matter which way they select, they may be stuck in traffic jam, especially in rush hours. Then, they have no choice but waste a lot of valuable time on road.




Ideawheel electric moped bike actually has solved two problems, which is commute journey and parking. As its name implies, it is powered by electricity. Indeed, it is equipped with lithium-ion battery that offers sufficient and stable power. Moreover, the adopted 235W powerful hub motor blends electrical power drive system, transmission device and electrical braking system into wheels. Therefore, has forceful power and people will be totally relaxing if they select electricity-assisted mode. What if people want to make full use of bicycling to take exercise or is out of battery on the halfway? There are power-assistance mode and bodybuilding mode. Because of rich riding modes, unlimited range becomes possible. People can select the most comfortable mode to ride R5.


Airwheel R5


When they get to the destination, how could they handle Ideawheel electric power bike? It is very easy, because it only asks for a small corner. has multiple folding system and just three steps will fold its main body, operating rod, handlebars and pedals together. Then, it becomes small-sized. Efficient travel, comfortable riding experience and easy parking make the first choice for many people to cover their commute journey. Life becomes relaxing and enjoyable.