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The Favorite Personal Transport: Ideawheel Electric Assist Bike R5


Abstract: Which is the favorite model for the young white-collar worker? Convenient, portable and versatile, Ideawheel electric assist urban bike R5 is the obvious choice.

Which model by Ideawheel do you think is the most convenient personal transport? And which one is the favorite among the young white-collar workers? These white-collar workers typically work in the building offices which are far away from their rented residences. Apart from the majority of time going on working in their offices, the commuting time on the way to work or back home is the major one. Even some have to commute two hours' public transportation distance each day.



That is not the whole story. The unpredictable traffic jam is their biggest bugbear. A serious unexpected traffic congestion can cause them to be late for work. In order to beat the heavy traffic, they are supposed to get up earlier at the expense of their sleeping time. What a torment. However, they are fortunate, for the advent of Ideawheel electric assist bicycle R5 comes as a blessing to them, which completely eliminates their bothers on commuting. Of course, Ideawheel R5 becomes their favorite personal transport among Ideawheel series products.


R5 intelligent ebike


The first advantage of Ideawheel electric assist urban bike R5 is its portability. Ideawheel electric assist urban bike R5 is designed foldable. When it packs away, it measures merely a small box. It is easily to be put under office desks or living room. At the same time, it also can be taken into the transportation like the bus or the metro. Ideawheel R5 can serve completely as a personal transportation. In addition, it can be treated as an exercise tool, for it is powered not only by the electricity but also the physical force from the rider. This dual mode frees the users from the anxiety that R5 might be out of power half way.


R5 electric bike


Another draw of Ideawheel portable electric bike R5 is its portable power source. This design is inspired by the increasing importance of the mobile phone, which plays an indispensable role in our daily life and work. We almost cannot go without it. The nightmare is that when we need use our mobile phones, but their batteries go flat. The user of Ideawheel R5 does not need worry about it.